Post Two: Pretty garden; Lots plant.

I drew a flowerbed in the Jardin du Luxembourg in front of Luxembourg Palace.

Luxembourg gardens and palace were initially constructed under Marie de Medici after the death of her husband King Henri IV. The palace was designed to be reminiscent of the Pitti Palace in Florence, which her family is from. The surrounding gardens were initially smaller, including the Medici fountain, but was expanded multiple times over the years. The garden grew to include a well manicured palatial section with a central basin, an orderly French garden with areas for sport, play, and social gathering, and a meandering English garden with fruit trees and monuments to French and French-adjacent people of note. An axis was also laid out from the palace to the Paris Observatory with park between and a large fountain with representations of different parts of the world.

I personally really liked visiting the gardens and have gone back to it a couple times since. I like the laid back vibe and relaxing environment of the English garden for walking and relaxing as well as the more active and shaded French garden. I strongly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in Paris; you will not regret it. Also, watching the model boats in the central basin is a joy.

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  1. I wrote this last week, but I had a series of bad mental health moments between Thursday and today so I kept not posting it. My bad.

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